Mograph Mondaysanimations and designs for the monthly Metro Detroit meetup

Michigan Mograph Mondays is a monthly meeting of artists and animators in the Metro Detroit area; discussing the industry, latest news, and sharing tutorials and ideas. Each month, a member of the community creates a banner to be used as the promo image for the event. I've worked on a number of these, and below are some of my favourites.

November 2015

Using timelapses taken over the prior 6 months in Royal Oak, Michigan with a Samsung NX500 and the LensBaby Pro, I developed a digital, fractured style that was carried through the triangulation effects, animated lines, and typographic treatments. The triangle pixelation system itself was created using custom CIfilter code in Quartz Composer, implemented as an After Effects filter using FxFactory Pro.

September 2016

Using SpeedTree to model and animate a collection of trees that followed the geometry of the Mograph Mondays logo, I rendered everything in Lightwave using RGB encoding to combine three light passes into a single layer image output. Lighting brightness, colouration, effects, and playback speed were then animated in After Effects using Trapcode Sound Keys and a number of other effects. Optical Flares and Magic Bullet Looks finished off the stylisation.

Because the lighting and texturing were based on greyscale passes with all of the colouration created in After Effects, the setup was perfect for easy variations and exploration. A series of desktop images were created using related colour schemes and lighting for use during and after the event.