Vectorform Culture Seriesteam training through office documentaries

Communicating Culture

Vectorform prides itself on fostering an uncommon corporate lifestyle in both the United States and Europe. Employees can work flexible hours, are encouraged to bring their toys to work (the nerdier the better), and create their own events such as movie nights, Magic The Gathering tournaments, or trampoline dodgeball games. Along with that familial culture is a strong relationship with local colleges and the Vectorform internship program.

Working with Vectorform human resources and marketing departments, I have helped produced a series of "Culture Videos" that highlight specific aspects of the Vectorform culture, while providing a training scenario for interns working in the motion graphics and video production department. Productions are worked on as a joint effort between full time employees and interns, benefitting everyone along the way.

Filming and Editing

Based around unscripted employee interviews, each video an intern works on involves most if not the entire production process. This includes studio and location filming, lighting, audio production, story structure, editing, music selection, titles, effects and animations, colour correction, and grading. The workflow adapts dynamically to each person's skill and experience levels, but typically rotates daily between self-reliant work and training sessions. The goal is to encourage growth during an internship while providing support and instruction, ultimately aiming for interns that are prepared as imminently hire-able junior team members either at Vectorform or elsewhere.

Quick Takes

In addition, we've created short form pieces around holidays and celebrations at Vectorform. With compressed production timelines of just 6-12 hours, these videos are recorded, edited, and (typically) posted the same day as the event.


Feedback on the culture videos has been positive from all sides. Employees have enjoyed seeing their interests highlighted and celebrated by the company, feedback from interns has been very positive (along with high return or retention rates as employees), prospective candidates often point out the videos as a key part of their decision to work at Vectorform, and the videos are even used by our sales teams during client meetings.