BMW i8highly mobile augmented reality with realtime graphics

Augmented reality

As part of their unveiling of the revolutionary i8, BMW wanted a similarly revolutionary experience to highlight the vehicle's innovative features. Along with the rest of the Vectorform motion graphic team, I helped generate animated 3D content for integration in an augmented reality experience on Google's first generation Glass product. Shown only in a few select locations such as the Munich international airport, visitors were able to see the internal workings of the car, examine the unique airflow patterns, and even look around as if they were sitting in the drivers seat.

Realtime animation

One of the biggest challenges was working within the confines of an untethered mobile device limited by both processing and battery power. Integrating with the development team, my team and I in the Vectorform motion graphics department ran through quick iterations and multiple approaches to find the right balance of detail and efficiency. I traveled to Germany in order to work onsite with the lead developer, and was able to provide updates and improvements just days before delivery of the final experience.


While working on this project in both Germany and the United States, I was able to interview the team members, record behind the scenes footage, and capture the final experience in the Munich airport. In the two weeks that followed release of the experience, I edited multiple versions to be used online and in presentations.


The experience earned both public and professional accolades, along with winning the FWA Site of the Day award. Even Google was impressed with what we'd been able to pull off using their hardware.