Play Fantaonline interactive graphic novel with effects, games, and more

Online graphic novel

Based on the success of Disney's Tron: Legacy online graphic novel, Ogilvy and Coke asked Vectorform to help create Play Fanta: Saving the Source. They wanted an online graphic novel that went beyond just interaction, integrating mini games and social networking throughout the experience.

Motion direction

Working with teams from The Coca-Cola Company, Ogilvy & Mather, Psyop, and Vectorform, I helped bridge between the team illustrating the artwork and the team creating the online experience. This involved motion direction, previsualisation animation, asset processing, and pipeline development.

Key to the start of this process was the creation and definition of a shared set of terms. Based on cinematography standards, these motion descriptions could then be used to communicate technical requirements to the development team, while also clarifying to the design team and client what motions were ideal for HTML5 animation. From there, I developed the motion rules that would guide the entire experience, from character animation to thematic elements.

As we progressed through production, I also worked to develop special effect techniques that would translate well into a constrained rendering environment. For example, waterfall layer systems that would allow for continuous animation using minimal assets.

Industry response

The project was a big success for Coca-Cola, rolling out to 190 countries with custom localisation of both text and graphics and a targeted experience for every device level, all the way down to feature phones. Even more, the experience was awarded FWA's site of the day. You can also check out Coke's article about making the Play Fanta experience.

Experience it yourself or watch a playthrough.